Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


SO HOLY ADDCTING,I LOVED THIS GAME :D Really,very good concept of figthing,10 of 10

My luck is epic.

I Died at the stickman... not kidding... right in the beginning
i hit him exactly twice...
He raped my hp.

Anyways i wont be unfair to the game just because my luck sucks D:

*hits random rating*


I was lucky and won, first try, so hey, why shouldn't you be too? :D

But seriously though, one does technically have pretty good winning odds when playing this. And even though the last boss DID get a lot of 5's and 6's, I trust you when you say it's random.


I don't really see what the problem was. I beat it my first try as a power mage with like 45+ hp. The end boss seemed to roll really high, but the other enemies rolled low, so I'm thinking it's random. Overall good game.

Last boss on 3 health!

I was beaten by the last boss. He had 3 health and I had 1 when I died!