Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Quick and fun. Just right for a flash game.

Hope to see a sequel or something similar within the future! This was really exciting to play, would be nice to have more levels after that first boss. :P

Great game

HAd alot of fun with this one

It was well put together

I also figured out the trick to almost always winning each roll :p

overall, a game worthy of the frontpage it has received.
5/5 10/10


that was actually intense, i was versing the stick man 4 hp vs. 4 hp, we both kept rolling 6's and 4's so we sat there at a stale mate... UNTIL MY LUCK PREVAILED! i actually won this crap, intense...


to all players who think the "dice system" is unfair, the enemy got 6 all the time etc.
as B-L-A-Z-E said
"the enemies still have a higher chance of rolling higher numbers. It's the law of video games that all CPU's have better luck with the number generator than humans who play the game" so just get on with it, its just a game....
and that's why human players have MP skills.....

need full game