Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Fun time waster

I like playing these games. I've won as two different classes so far. It's fun :) You just have to play strategically, which the people below seem incapable of doing.

challenging depending on how you played.

As my summary states, i played it twice through and found it challenging depending on what type of mage you choose firstly. A great game in the end and I really hope you expand on it and give us more :)

Pretty good.

Beat it with 22 life left. The healing spells aren't really very effective and most of the time I just went without using any of the spells but pretty good. Would like to see maybe an expanded version of this game with a way to upgrade to get 6s more frequently or something.

Pretty fun

Cool game...good time waster

Good game

The game is quite good. Simple, but good. However somehow some factor of skill should be present, since now it is simply matter of luck. But nice game.