Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Nice,But you need Luck!

I think this game was well done,clever,funny,and addicting.
I gave it an 8 because of the fact it's luck-based and you might never get one hit with the unknown odds.
But that's what makes it so addicting!
The fact you don't know if you'll win or lose keep the exictment going!
Nice job Afro, Nice Job!

Could be better

The game is luck based, and a bit annoying at times.
I've gone at least 10 turns in a row where the opponent and myself have the same high number.
Other than that, this game is nothing special. The graphics are ok, but effects are sub par, the music is poor, and the sound effects are not great.

A totally luck based game isn't always fun

I beat it my second time, and it was alright.

I'm still bothered that I lost on the second battle...

BS Man.

It would be good.......................if the enemy didn't f***ing hit ME all the time.


A very interesing twist on the dice version of "war." I really liked the twist ending. Great job!