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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"

Team Mammoth

Whew! My hand!!!
Part way through the game I had to switch hands. I played crossed with my left hand on the arrows and my right hitting A and S Haha!

I thought this game was lots of fun!
One interesting thing is when my team was pitching ideas, something about thawing out animals came across the table. But that was as far as it got, we couldn't build off it well enough.
So this game feels kinda special because it's a creation of what could have been!

As always, Molkman's art makes me laugh! Your goofy people are my favorite. With their silly expressions, and movements :)

I'm glad you guys were able to pick up a second artist and finish, because this really did turn out great!
Plus I enjoyed being able to save a mammoth at the end ;)

molkman responds:

Cool, thanks.

*punch kick kick kick punch kick kick kick punch*

(I'll try and not write a review that's a carbon copy of idiot-monarch's!)

Really fun game. Took me a while to realise I had to mash the buttons, but after that it was plain sailing.

The animation of the eskimo beating things up has to be my favourite thing in this, not to mention unlocking the new creatures.

The crows are a bitch, but in truth I can't fault this game. Great job.

molkman responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.

HAHAHAhaha niiice!

like the one below me said "MASH tHE HELL out of the A-key" for real!!


nice game


Couldn't tell it was made in just 72 hours. Everything felt real polished. Nice and original gameplay though, although tapping A can get annoying.

Also, the birds are too fucking hard, god damn.