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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"


I'm going to have to go with what my mom says and say that this game was really "cute" to play. It has a great winter theme to it and I am glad it was made as well as the large selection of music you used. It took me awhile to realize that I had to press the "S" key to fight the bears. The birds are harder, and I wish there was a medal for beating them! Anyway, great job on the detail and I love this has such a great cartoony feel to it. It seems like the kind of game you would see on a website that was really trying to open up to all kinds of people, which this site does.

I assume the shoe powerup made you faster, because I am not quite able to figure out exactly what it does. The music gives it a really homey feeling. It got a little annoying with having to fight off the birds and everything, but still very enjoyable. The main character just looks so adorable whenever he thaws out an animal. The animals used in this are really cute as well.

Very funny

Pretty good ^^

Eh, poor bears

What the heck, why were there sheep and llamas and giraffes and elephants (ok, there could be frozen mammoths but they'd be 40000 years dead) doing there?

That's not why I'm rating it down. Just the first thing I notice about it, I say "how did these things get here?" You can have your purple cows and animate them too. No, I'm rating it down because it was kind of pointless. A bird hurt me once, and I quickly got right back to 5 hearts with the next medkit. Although I am stunned to see that there are actually people complaining about it being too hard. it was over pretty darn fast, I thought. Which is all for the better. It reminds me of a very poignant joke restaurant review I heard once about a certain chain that rhymes with Denny's (can you guess what it is? Give up? It was .... Denny's!), that said "the food was bad, but at least the portions were small". So I give it a 6. I would hate to have to spend an hour playing something pointless and repetitive, so if you have that as the premise, you made it the right length.

By the way, why are we anti-bear and anti-bird but pro-llama and pro-elephant and pro-seal? In the name of all bears, I demand justice! Or at least a pic-a-nic basket or 2.

Very good!!!

That game is awesome.I finished this!!!Graphic is great and gameplay too.

1 big flaw

Good game Idea but the jumping sucks....period.....I really dont know how far people get with this game...Maybe its me, but plz fix it or else I keep getting hit by those damn polarbears.....