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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"


Awful decent for a game made in 72 hours. I don't think Der-Metzgermiester knew that :P


I do agree with most of the comments. But since "bad" comments seem te be "useless" i'll provide more details:

Graphics: things aren't DirectX11 and don't need to be of course. But this game 's graphics seem to be created on one evening using paint with one eye closed. Simple graphics are very ok to me but they need to have "cuteness".

Gameplay: although it's never been done before, you're game feels way too simple and old. Kicking bears and unfreezing sheeps by kicking and breathing is something a toddler could come up with. It's also accomplished on an unsatisfying manner.

Audio: Seriously? This must be the most frustrating audio a game has ever got.
It could fit in an gameboy type game, which this game isn't.

Overall: this game really lacks many things: creativity, art made with love, gameplay, replay, a nice soundtrack, sharp sound effects, punishment & reward. I really can't come up with a reason why I should play this.

It's quite weird why al those games in the featuring box are of such low quality.

Ps: take this as a motivation to improve your games ;)

funny one and no bugs.

the animations it's quite good, and it's a very painful way to destroy your keyboard, but at the end it's funny, I love the guys eyes when he smashed the bear.

missing directions

One thing u forgot to add in. The directions on how to play your game.


got boring really fast...