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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"


wow that was idiotic at best. Lame idea, horrible graphics, poor controls. I really dont like the 72 hour challenge because it results in a flood of half-ass games like this.

Make the graphics better, maybe add an upgrade system and more enemies, then re-release it as a REAL game.


but someone told the end when i first tryed playing it and it made me pisssed people stop telling the ends to things


I found this game to be way to easy. Better luck next time.

molkman responds:

It is pretty easy, yes. But there was no time to work out a perfect difficulty.


Amazing game, graphics, and gameplay, music is fitting, great game. they keys were a tad uncoftarble for me, i had to switch hands to mash the A button, maybe it's just because i can mash faster with my right hand -1. Please expand this game, it has so much potential. make it longer, have levels and bosses, whatever. but it definatly has potential.


molkman responds:

Thanks. But in the long run, mashing buttons could get boring/ annoying maybe.

Best animal blowing simulation I've ever played.

Hard to know how to rate these Game Jam games. They clearly aren't up to normal standards, yet it's hard for me to say I really enjoyed this. It was okay, no bugs or poor controls and the art was okay despite the bizarre looking giraffe and mammoth.

It's just a really basic game. I'd like to say you shouldn't have to mash the button to blow on the ice, and a bit more enemy variety, like something that would try and refreeze the creatures if they got close to them would have been neat.