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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"


Pretty cool 72 hour made game, solid controls, actually addictive, nice difficulty.
But the 2 things that impressed me the most: fluid animation and songs.

Good but....

The graphics should be more solid and I think the animations could be better. Ie: The smashing should be more than just one punch. A higher variety in animals also would be cool. As hoytgal said a pause button would be nice. The music is great and totally fits with the game. A+ For the music.

Entertaining and sweet!

The music was really a nice supplement to the nice, soft mood and the cool carttony art. Very nice work, folks!

molkman responds:



I'm from greenland and i'm soo offended! nah i'm not:P great game, tho we rather kill the animals for food

molkman responds:

Nobody was hurt during the creation of the game, except for my hand because of an extremely unhandy mouse. :<

Great game!

It was a creative idea, and you guys pulled it off well. I think a pause button , and something to turn the music off/on would have been a good idea, but I understand you guys were under a time limit. Maybe you guys could make a sequel?