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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"

did it break???

on the one with the two lama things... i lost one but unfroze one.. then seemed to jus be forecer stuck there with power ups fallin n polar bears coming for me... int he end i got bored... was it meant 2 go on that long or should it have took me to the next stage?

its an ok game lol, good for a bordum killer

molkman responds:

There's been a bug that doesnt let you advance if you lose a llama, sorry. :/

good game

pretty fun to play to but its a hasle to get power ups


my mind is blown and my wrist hurts, yet I'm happy. Well done guys, it's an addictive and fun game! :D

molkman responds:

Thanks, mate!


It's cool and all, but it kills my fingers.

molkman responds:

It's supposed to. >:] Hurrr...

er seriously?

this game isn't that good people, mashing a single button? thats fun? the graphics ain't all that, they are simplistic as hell and whether thats on purpose or not I don't know. Music ain't bad but it ain't really good either. The sound effect when you melt something was the best bit, seriously. Nice try but its not what I would call fun.