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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"


sorry but i didnt like it. maybe i just dont like these types of games or somethink but i just didnt like it. Sorry.

Excellent Time Waster

This game is fun, short, and sweet. I enjoyed the graphics and game play. The programmer created Eskimo River Rush in few days, but did an amazing job. Would look forward to a sequel.

If you like snow or melting ice, then you will enjoy this game.

Simple but

I found it to be very charming. I also took into consideration that you had a limited time to make this. Still, it was cute.

Jump Fail

No matter how much you try to jump over the bears, it just never gets high enough to go over them and you ALWAYS get hit. Other than that, this game is pretty good. 5/10

molkman responds:

You can... attack with the S-Key...


Its horrible but its horrible in such a way that i LOVE IT =D
nice game <3

molkman responds:

It is!