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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"

Lots and lots of lost potential.

Hey kcnh,

My first instinct is that this was going to be an awesome RPG filled with fun and adventure. The graphics were clean and crisp, the controls responsive, the music quaint. The production on this title was pretty amazing, with very few flaws (no jumping animation for over cliff, double space bar when interacting makes the cursor disappear).

But a few minutes later, I was sorely disappointed. What could have been a fantastic game - winning, even - turned into a hard chore. Long story short - this game is verrrry slow-moving. I mean, I would appreciate some slack of pace in more current games, but this goes way beyond the limit of my tolerance. The fetching quest is cliche, not to mention boring. We want some action near the beginning of the game, go fight some trolls, kill the bad guys! Not.... get bread for your grandma. Whoop de doo, how fun.

The idea behind the game is fine, but there are too few details and the maps are far too empty of objects to be interesting. I also noticed that the graphical scheme was very similar to that of Pokemon. The cut skill for trees, the long grass, jumping over the cliffs. There needed to be at least a storyline to keep us interested. Because that's what made Final Fantasy the greatest RPG ever made. Not so much gameplay, but an epic storyline. That's what I'd like to see on NewGrounds.

Since when is an axe not a weapon? Alright, I walk all the way to the troll to find him because I found that axe... then it says you need a weapon? Duh! An axe is a weapon! And when your axe disintegrates when you chop the tree, you're gutted. Tip: you need things to have multiple uses to feel useful, like in Pokemon where you repeatedly "Cut" trees everywhere you go. It feels nice.

I swear a RUN button would make this game 4-5x better than it currently is. I was spamming buttons to see what the run button might be if there was one, and I pressed 'r', and it returned me to the menu! I mean isn't 'escape' for that? (I didn't read your comments until later. Remember, nobody really wants to read the manual.) Simply because it took about 5 minutes to get from place to place I would put this game in the category of 'Boring-but-had-tons-of-potential'. And I mean it. I just hope you heed these, because then I might be seeing you at #1. And then I'd cry.


Anyway thanks for letting me play. Have a good one.

--Production-- = 18/20
--Playability-- = 07/20
--Genius-- = 13/20
--Flair-- = 16/20
--Tilt-- = 10/20

VERDICT: Slightly good.


kcnh responds:

Thank very much you for your review!


Where to begin...Well the programming is solid, and I didn't find any bugs, but the game is rather bland and devoid of anything fun in my opinion.

The different endings usually give a game great replay value, but in this one it just felt like I was going through the motions. Just from reading the name you pretty much know what's required, it's just walking down to get the axe again...walking all the way to the forest, then walking back.

I think if each ending required something totally different, that would have made it a lot more interesting.

I didn't care for the music at all to be honest. The track sounds good, but it just didn't seem to fit the game at all....or maybe it fit it too well. The track seemed to have a boring and laid back sound, much like unlocking each ending in the game. It would have been nice to hear something more cheery and upbeat.

The graphics are okay, it looks like it was ripped directly from a pokemon game, which is fine, but it seemed to lack some of the mechanics that I remember from the pokemon games. When you jumped a fence, you actually jumped - it didn't just make the noise. It was good to hear the sound effect, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see the character actually jump as well so it has that familiar pokemon gave feel that I'm assuming you were going for.

Throughout most of the game I just kept remembering the bicycle from the pokemon game, and wishing so badly that I could have it to go faster. After failing at the Old Man medal, I stopped playing because going through the motions was entirely too boring to do again.

Overall it's a great start on what could be an epic game. I'd say there's a few main kinks you should iron out, and that the final product should be a lot longer obviously, but it's a decent game. The mechanics are there without being buggy or glitchy, and the gameplay seemed solid. Now just add some spice.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.


P.S. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether this is a 6 or a 7 in my mind. I want to say 6.5, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

kcnh responds:

Thank your review and giving me the benefit of the doubt!

its ok..

reminds me a lot of pokemon which is always good, and theres no bugs or aything which makes t a solid game.

however i found it got boring quickly. purely because each of the ending requires essentially the same set of tasks, the only differences being that you kill/talk to a differnt person. would have been nice if the paths to get each ending had been different.

review request club

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.

Intriguing... warrants exploration of concept

Fairly Fun. Fun enough to replay for the achievements. I think the setup left me begging for much more. I hope we see some more oldschool adventure from you in the future. I like wandering... like in the Flash game Limbo. Keep it up.


way cooler than the text!
thanks for making this one!

im going to get the other 3 medals now ... la la la