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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"


Reminded me of pokemon, brough back some memories
Anyways cool little game. I liked the atlernative endings that was cool... haha

cool game

to get the different endings it really just matters where you spend the first coin. if you buy the sword you can kill the troll and once he's dead you can either walk right and talk to the other troll TROLL ENDING or you can go to see the count...when you see the count you can either kill him COUNT ENDING or talk to him KNIGHT ENDING. all you have to do to get the old man ending is kill him lol. anyway really cool game but kinda short

love it

i love this game (aside from the very repetitive music) i couldnt help but connect some of the game elements with pokemon, like the houses, the way your character jumps ledges, and i couldnt help but think to myself when i got to the stump "a large stump blocks the way. a pokemon may be able to clear the path!"

anyway, very addicting, very nostalgic, and very cool.


Repetitive and annoying music, little gameplay and no story line, very slow going.


Its good game to lose some time.. More endings would be nice i think.