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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"


im the boss of boom town

Too short.

Beat the game 4 times and got all the ending too. I liked it but you need to expand the story a lot. The music was a tad repetitive too. So nest time when you make a part 2. A. Add a list of songs to play in the background (not the same one over and over in a loop) B. Add to the story. exe add more options on were to go and what to do. add more paths. Look at classic DS games. Use some ideas as inspiration.


So I noticed this.

You run at the count with your awesome Magic Spell, and stab him in the chest!

That part made me lol.

hey its quite fun lol

feels like pokemon teehee. I was half-expecting a wild pokemon to appear in the grass lmao


Kind of WEIRD. Seems like a mash up of former games - Dragon Quest, Blue/ Red Pokemon, and Zelda. Interesting though.