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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"




it took to long getting from one place to another
still a good game

decent game

this game is good but if you add a couple things it might be better. you should make the game have more levels or endings to make it more fun to play. you should make the guy move faster. you should add more stuff like more enimies and upgrades or some stuff like that. pretty good game but could be better.

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your suggestions and your review. :)

Bit of Column A... Bit of Column B....

It's not a bad game, not by any means, but there's just too many aspects of the game that's wrong for it to be enjoyable.

What this game is, really, is just a glorified fetch quest right throughout, where player involvement actually only chimes in at the last second, anyhow. This means that for getting each ending, you have to walk through the exact same sequence of events, time and time again.

Now, I'm a fan of retro graphics as much as the next guy, but making the player walk through the exact same environment at minimal speed 4 times in a row is nothing short of absolute torture.

Not to mention that when it comes down to it, there's no real gameplay, either. You seem to have left the "game" part out of this flash for the most part; you walk (really slowly), you talk (really shallowly), rinse and repeat.

However, there's quite a few aspects of the Flash that make up for that;

- It's a trip down Nostalgia lane
- Cliches in these kinds of games do mean that inane tasks are at least somewhat amusing
- The music loop, while annoying after the third runthrough, is actually quite good.

I'd advise, if you ever did return to doing a game like this, to:

- Speed up the player character
- Vary the environments a bit more
- Add more dialogue
- Add more incentive and choice into the different endings

Otherwise, you didn't do a bad job at all. You just didn't do a particularly good one. All the same, solid work, and congratulations on making such a popular game.

kcnh responds:

Thank you for your review.

A few reasons why it's not great

The graphics are a lot like pokemon
The person moves too slowly
It's really easy