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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"


it slow walk can you spped up the walk

Nice RPG, it's short, simple, but with a myriad of di9fferent alternatives. The different methods you can use to achieve your goals aren't just limited to one option a peace, you can go to all kinds of trouble to achieve it, or take the shortcuts. Speaking of shortcuts, the walking in this slow gets a bit tedious. Since there's a center from which all four roads lead, it feels I need to return to it way too often to get all the endings, maybe there could be an option to run instead of walk? That would make things quicker, otherwise this is pure nostalgia, and simple entertainment. The script works well, the controls work well... it's just a very well-thought out game. No bugs what-so-ever. Nice work!


kcnh responds:

Thanks for your review. For future adventure games I will look into decreasing the walk time between various interest points. :)

A quite good game. I liked it. However, too short, and too much time walking. I LOVED that you could make each ending in different ways.

Really short

This has major potential if you expand it a little and give it a little more detail. As of now it's a lunch time Adventure game. GJ though.