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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"

i like it

good game it is way to easy though

Good work!

Short and sweet, just like my favourite flash games :)


One question, why is the village called Gropenstein? Anyway, it's a short, but fun game.

kcnh responds:

In the original text-adventure game, Crossroads, the village was called Gropfenstein. I decided to change it to Gropenstein because it looks like a typo.


Cool game, abit short tho.

Btw i love the description: you got trolled!

Great game

I really like this game because its like a really old zelda gameboy game and it has a combanation of puzzle and adventure. I love the mutiple endings it adds replay and the medals make you want to keep playing even more. I would really love it if you made a sequel.