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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"


That was an intense visually orgasmic sensation! consider as of this moment my panties blown away with the wind, I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen! this is truly art. Congrats on all your hard work, truly a fan. <3 and kisses

Nice dude

i have to watch the other 11 of them now because this was really good and it went for a long time which im not use to but it makes it much better but anyways great flash and i will enjoy watching the other episodes and the next ones to come
<your new fan> :3


Man I remember watching the first one, and just couldn't wait for the next Reboot. Its pretty sick keep up the good work and hopefully the next one wont take as long.



I honestly can't quite explain it. Perhaps it's simply the over the top stylization and drama, and the funky tunes, but despite the fact that I absolutely detest the artistic style, I find it difficult to stop watching, and I'm seriously considering watching the rest of the series from here.
I really hope the rest of the series will be able to meet the bar you set with this episode. I also highly recommend providing links to the various music pieces you use in your episodes, provided they're available and haven't already been mentioned in previous episodes.


Insert pre-boot virus wipe :D shows over :<

It's been a pretty good run so far. What a wild change from the first few episodes. Should do some throw backs to that old style, I thought it was pretty neat!

Story is consistent which is pretty great, I think there are only a few instances of story lines that didn't really seem to go anywhere in the past (I think for the most part it's all cleared up now).

Overall it's been a good run, give some of the "main looking characters" more of a run though! lol. They seem to die off so fast!! Hopefully the next one will come around in a few months so we can see some more good stuff!

I also agree with some of the people below me, after a while (probably like 3 eps or so) you can do what Matt Wilson did and make some monies! Hopefulyl with less trollage and annoyance that caused him to stop making Bonus :<

Anyway, good luck with everything, looking forward to the next!