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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"

Among words.

Wow there is nothing that i could possably say that would make me love this anymore then i already do. I've spent a full hour or so watching from the beginning til now and i'm pretty amazed which is why i give you a full 10 stars and i will favorite this that way i may keep a vigilent watch for the next instalment of reboot. I just want you to know that i respect the style you used to make this series :3.

Keep up the great work im ever so excited to see what happens next that is all for now.

Ps. 10/10 :D lol

I didn't like it.

I didn't like it lhat much at first, but then you crossed the line with Link. You're also missing the black parts from Pikachu's ears. If you're going to make a movie about video games, you should pay more attention to detail. Other than that it was okay.

JMartin97 responds:

I crossed the line? What line O_O


this is deliciously put together i love it keep up the great work


this series is fucked up..

Not bad...

Not quite as good as the early episodes, but the story seems to be regaining a bit of the cohesion it lost. The art is great as always. Glad to see the series moving back into what made it great in the first place.