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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"


you have NO idea how long I've been waiting for this. So. Much. AWESOME.

Tight work!

Would like the song list so I can find all plz :) You have a nice song choice! I know it's in the credit reel, but it'd be easier if you wrote it.

Damn you're good

Always been a fan of this series, deffo DVD worthy


What tha **** ?? Did not understood the storyline but anyways.

Not bad at all, long enough for me. Why there is many dialogues that have no sounds to support the text?

JMartin97 responds:

Storyline is a little confusing if this is your first episode. Some of the dialogues don't have sound because in some scenes it interfered too much with the the feeling of the music, in other scenes I was going for a more manga-like feel.

Character design was poor...

Everything else was awesome though. Music was great and that rhyme gave me goosebumps. Work on making your art better and making each individual stand out (the current color system is shit) and maybe sync your music to the events and you've got yourself a fantastic animation.