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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"


I love the reboot series.By the way what is the song from the scene "law of violet"?

JMartin97 responds:

It's called song number 5 by the fives.


It's in the credits, it's called, I'm not your lemonade. Everyone that's asking me for songs.. look in the credits, it's why they exist.. it's also why there is a scene selection.. so you can watch the credits again if you have to.

Loving the series but

Hey man I really dig your series just got to let you know and i thought that I could offer some constructive criticism, hope its not too drawn out.

There are many things that make this series great. The music is a no brainer, its used very effectively, in diverse ways, and covers a diversity of genres and somehow it all culminates in a mood pretty unique to your series.

The animation is easily my favorite aspect of the series, of course it could use improvements, even the best animations could, but the style youve got going just really really works, also its apparent that you are working to the best of your ability considering the attention to detail, length and overall quality.

The attention to detail is astounding, the commercial breaks, introductions, and credits lend a certain legitimacy to your animation and act as a skillful homage to anime and the saturday morning cartoons that seem to have inspired you. The subtitles are also used very effectively which to me only enhances the whole experience, it kind of gives it a comic book feel. Also the many different settings that your immense cast members dwell in are often intriguing. To me, this all comes together as a great piece of entertainment, I think you truly have talent as a director, your scenes and transitions are sometimes beautiful, sometimes odd, sometime cerebral but always interesting. Everything has your own spin on it and in thats sense it is one of the most original pieces of art ive seen on newgrounds and most places for that matter.

However all that said I think this animation falls flat when it comes to the writing. I actually like the pacing myself but its the content of the story that just really hurts the flash. I understand the classic game characters and I am certain you will use them effectively however the fact of the matter is these characters are wildly unoriginal and it turns a highly original piece of art with a lot of potential into nothing more than an impressive fanfic, another drop in the bucket of the already obscenely large newgrounds cross over flashes. But whats really tragic about the inclusion of these characters is that they really hold back YOUR characters. The writing in this animation is definitely at its best when it concerns the central characters. Personally I throughly enjoy the interactions between violet, render, and everyone else involved, they're often very mysterious even thought provoking, but then you switch scenes to pikachu talking to navi and it just makes me cringe. At least for me, it really diminishes the rare experience this flash provides.

Sorry to leave you such a long review, I really enjoy the series. it might not be for everyone but neither was FLCL and thats one of the best shows ive ever seen. While I cant stand the cross over I am sure you will make good use of it and that may be what youre going for to keep consistent with the animation style. Cant wait to see episode 13

JMartin97 responds:

I understand the fears associated with using videogame characters, I don't think you will be disappointed though. You'll just have to see what I have up my sleeve :P The story attempts to do something that not a lot of people have done before so it seems weird and wrong.

At least that's my take. I understand your fears though and I thought heavily about if I wanted to go more into videogame territory or not. The story is planned out pretty well, hopefully you can trust me and enjoy the surprises :P


your visions are crazy but i like those kinda things because it makes the show more intresting you should keep making more things like this....

Good work man

Great job with this entry in the series. Till today, i watched this whole series last summer from the beginning. I have to admit, this is definitely one of the most random and deliciously bizarre series in seen in a while. Not just on newgrounds, but throughout the whole medium of the internet and/or television. Though im digging this series, i know that this wont be a series for everyone. (If i wasn't so open-minded, id probably would have not watched past Epi. 2. Or even be on newgrounds for that matter XD. And i know must of my friends would probably not get into it sadly). Anyways, here's my breakdown:

+ Love the pixelated art style of the series (i can tell from your works that you were a big fan of old skool 8/16/32 bit games and draw lots of inspiration from them)

+Love your selection of music throughout the whole series. (Though as a whole the different genres u mix together might seem very random and outta place when put together, the combination still nevertheless seems to oddly enough work very well together : / lol. I also feel u match you song select well to fit with certain scenes. You also open me up to new music for me to put on my pod XD lol.)

+ Though the story doesn't make complete sense (im assuming it will all make sense in the end though......), i still find myself very drawn in, wanting to know more about what will happen next, why a person is doing a certain, what does that certain action or thing mean or foreshadow, or Why the hell is *insert random game character* in this show??? XD lol. One thing u are not good sir is predictable and i tip my hat to you for that.)

+Though some ppl might find u using trademark game characters as "unoriginal", i find that HOW U USE THEM in your story makes their presence feel welcome and original.

+Love your use of your subtitles. (besides just doing their normal job of just narrating, they also do a great job of foreshadowing and clarifying the plot with your use of different colors to signify ppl. It really looks ascetically pleasing and helps a lot with ppl who might get lost and or confused easily X___X....)

- Sometimes the music can be overbearing over the VA work in scene (its really apparent in the pikachu/navi scene.)
- Dont have a serious problem with the VA work overall. but im really not a fan of Render's, Justin's, or Link's VA work. ( i wont harp on u too much since i know Voice Actors arent the easiest to come by. And besides, the voices dont keep me from enjoying the series)

+/- Nice touch with plugin in your older old NES Dreams XD.

+/- Some ppl seem to think the art style (though its suppose to be FUCKING pixely looking) looks shoty and unrefined. Personally, i like it the way it is. But if u feel it needs touching up, then thats kool too. Same for your lip syncs.

+/- Just wondering....why was Kira not in this epi.? Schedule conflicts get in the way? 0__o

+/- I know it may seem like a bother (and i know u already do this in the credits), but can u put a list of the songs and music artists you use in your episode in your authors comments? It would be very convenient cuz i love the music u choose XD.

+/- Im sure ppl have brought it to your attention numerous times already, but u are aware there's another animated show called "Reboot", right? lol

+/- Last thing.....Why do u make commercial cuts in your episodes (u know, the "Reboot will be right back.......now back to Reboot" thing)? Dont get me wrong, i actually like it. Just wanna know y your doing it? do u intend on putting this on TV or r u just doing this for fun? 0___o lol.

Anyways, this review is hella long now so ill wrap up. Overall, amazing work this epi. and the series. I really cant wait for the next installment (hopefully we'll get more answers maybe, but from what ive seen so far.....i probably shouldnt count on much X___X).

JMartin97 responds:

Wow, thanks for the great review. It means a lot you spent the time to write it!

1. I'm aware of the other show... it's a coincidence!

2. I do the commercials because I used to like them when I saw them on Saturday morning cartoons.

3. Kira was in the episode, she was navi... there was one line that she had as Amy but I decided to make it internal monologue.

I'll be updating the blog as work on Reboot 13 continues. Stay tuned :D

aw man.

was i the only one who thought this was gonna be something about the show reboot when clickin the link?

JMartin97 responds:

-___- hey man reviews are scarce 'round these parts, maybe we can focus on the flash? :D