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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"

Wonderfully ingenious

I am so confused but yet wanting more right now its crazy. Awesome job. Its so hard to tell who is good who is evil and in that sense it exposes it's genius. I can't wait till 13. EPIC


havent watched it on newgrounds yet...but i guess you know that i will give it a 10 ^^ hope you know who i am huh? xD well good work like always =b

WOW! this was awesome

this was really really amazing, the saying never judge a book by its cover was meant for this! to be honest at first glimpse, I didnt expect much from this because the graphics sadly is very poor in my opinion but what it lacks in visuals it makes up for tremendously in plot. the voices feel as they fit properly too! acting here and there becomes a little dry though but over all great great work! I plan to re watch the first few episodes down. I thank you for your great contribution and look forward to watching more of your works ! its contributions like these is why I have spent the last 6 or so years on newgrounds or however long I been here thanks :3!!!

Dear girl

%u0423 %u0432%u0430%u0441 %u0440%u0430%u043A %u043C%u043E%u0437%u0433%u0430 :D

JMartin97 responds:

not sure waht that says but how is Russia? :P

Rina-chan again!

This was one of the strangest things I have ever seen on Newgrounds, at least in terms of a flash with a story! I guess I would understand it more if I saw all the previous parts. There were just so many things going on, it was hard to keep track! I had no idea who was supposed to be the good guy or the bad guy as everyone seemed corrupt or scared of someone else! However, this was great because the animation was absolutely flawless. Given its insanity, it's also great for a psychological study.