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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"

This could be a T.V. show.

Even though I haven't watched the first episodes and I didn't know the plot, this flash still seemed addictive. This show could be on adult swim. All I would suggest is a review of what happened last episodes. Besides that, this is a very emotional, violent (in a good way), and contains more storyline then I could ever imagine. Especially for a flash animation. One more thing, you work so hard on these, if you save enough money to become a director and turn this into a T.V. show, It would make millions if my suggestion was also included.

About freakn' time

Well worth the wait though, I'm glad polybius finally made an appearance. considering its been a few years since the polibius trailer came out.

the story, as usual, is very good I still can't wait for the next installment. you still have a small issue of characters just standing around though, prime examples of this are cop, megaman, and the nihilist (the guy who hijacked the ambulance).

I'm also starting to think that you may be adding too many characters, while I assume each one has a purpose in the overall scheme of things, it may become difficult to keep track of them all though.

I'll just get this out there: I don't get the polybius twins AT ALL.

I felt the music was better this time, I loved how you got back to the music video motif at the beginning, I hope you plan to do more of it in the future.

overall I still love the series and will keep a close eye to all that you do. just please, don't become to engrossed in LBP again.


The Mediator

Not a real flash artist or flash artist critique but I'll give it a go through somesort of literary analysis.

1. Sound 8/10- I do love the soundtrack. However there is some repetitiveness (if thats a word). However, each song efficiently sets the mood and how it perfectly matches with each scene.

2. Animation 7/10- I do respect that you keep some sort of simplicity due to the software, 8-bit setting and the diction ( like memory, maxtor, error, reboot) helps aswell. And you flow is remarkable. Its that the diction is enough to set where the story is taking place (I dunno I fell for the graphic hype long ago so dont mind this if you only care for the for an excellent story line).

3. Storyline 9/10- Words cannot explain how ... remarkable and ... outstanding your storyline is thought out. Everyone from the beginning is kept through the end. Also, everything seems to connect with other. And some, well, you cant really connect to how everyone's related to the storyline. I dont even know who is fighting for what and apparently whose side I'm on. I think that just by 12 episode we could know more of what's going on. Then again your the storyteller so take it your own pace. Regarding that 1 point wont, affect your score whether you have it or not. Third person limited/omniscient Point of View is a nice way to present this to the audience. At first that I thought animes were the only one's who could do this.

Here's a bonus for ya
4. Symbolism 10/10- Absolutly love it. My favortie one is where you use the mercilous Smite and sadistic Polybius Twins to torture and murder our favorite childhood videogame hero (Nice use by the way to keep the software setting) showing their characteristic of violation. It shows that the don't care what borders they would have to break to achieve what they want. AWESOME.

If you add it up it's a 8.5 but I'll round it to a 9.0. I just have one question. Does this entire story have a deeper profound meaning outside the story relating to us as human beings? Becuase if there is not, I would like not trying to find them when there not there... Lulz. In, conclusion I love it and love to see more in the future.

JMartin97 responds:

Thanks for the awesome review :) I understand some of your criticisms and believe me I take everything I read into account O_O. Really appreciate when it's constructive like yours.

I realize that after 12 episodes it seems like the story would be farther along but I'm still in the exposition phase. REBOOT is ending but that's because REBOOT is just a phase of the story. After Episode 13, the name is changing from REBOOT to something else and the setting is changing.

For your question, it does have a deeper meaning.. it does for sure, and when the story starts to zoom out and involve me, hopefully you will start to understand it. I created all these characters after all, you will have to see why :P

What the guy below said.

Can't say I made an account just to comment here, but I cam across this not too long ago myself, and to be honest, I thought the guy below had some pretty good points. You're kinda all over the place with everything, and very little makes any sense. I mean...it's good as maybe an art showoff, but nothing really ties together overall. You try to make a story happen and it all falls flat- there's not a ton of believable cohesion- it's more like 'it happens just because'.

The art style just confuses me, personally, but it sorta works, in a...well...weird art way...and yes, the eyes were off beat to me- you could've went with simpler and done better, IMO. Either put detail or don't, though, in my opinion. Not both at once.

At least you agree about the repetitive songs... But think about...y'know...pay attention. He got this for the purpose of reviewing you, not HATING you. I don't really see any intent at being 'mean' here- just someone's honest critique that maybe you should listen to.

After, taking critique is part of doing art. And animation is art, is it not? Or are you not an artist? If not, maybe consider looking into something else that requires less public response? Just a though, but honestly, I don't mean anything bad by this at all, I'm sorry. Just maybe listen, mull on it, y'know?

Peace and love!

JMartin97 responds:

"At least you agree about the repetitive songs."

I would never agree to that, lol.

Thanks for the comments though! Episode 13 is coming soon! Now you get to see if I take your artistic critique into account when I create my next animation! I guess it depends on if you have good ideas or not.

Or maybe I don't care what you or anyone else thinks and I don't give a shit what you say and you will have zero effect on my animation.

The true answer? Guess we'll find out :O

yayyyy :D


glad this got out so quickly! :D

i don't care what people say about you animation style - it's so unique. no, it's not the smoothest or highest in quality, but i think that's what makes it so different and awesome! it portrays such graphic events, but since it is about video game characters and such, the not as amazing graphics adds to the sort of grotesque nature of it all. lip syncing is a bit odd.

i love the brother and sister. great job with their character development/actors!

i like the mindfucks you take us storywise. it's confusing and twisted, but that's what makes it so great! i'm really glad that the stories are starting to crossover with each other, though! it makes things more exciting and the separate plotlines finally begin to make sense.

love the new additions in voices :) pikachu is freaking adorable!
aodsifjaodsfj sorry for not turning in the extra lines. finals/schoolwork ate my life. D: i'm really sorry and promise to turn it FULLY in next time!

i'm glad you're still in the plotline too xD

great job and i can't wait for more! :) also, i hope you work on other projects as well because i'll miss your work too much after this is over!

JMartin97 responds:

Thanks for your awesome work! The line when Violet says "I will show you my law!" is one of my favorite parts of this episode. You really make the character memorable :)

I wish people would realize that I know that my graphics aren't the best but even thought that's the case... I still forge ahead O_O. I feel like I'm getting better, plus I had like 1 year where I just didn't do flash. It takes a while to get back into things after a long break. :D

Thanks for the review!