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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"

F ing awesome man

great work and i dont plan to watch the others sorry

JMartin97 responds:

This made me laugh... fair enough XD

Although the first episode is like 3 min, the second is 2 and the third is 2... they aren't all this long :P


This is amazing, i hav only watchd ths 1 but plan to watch all of em. great work


Alright alright... I'll admit, this is SO much of an improvement over episode 11... though you might not agree with that statement

However, there are a few big things i notice that makes this just a little odd

1) the lyp synching... is terribly off... by an incredible amount most of the time.

2) when music plays, you really should keep the voices there.. inconsistency makes it not as good

3) the voice quality is still bothering me... not as much now, but it's still a problem

4)the animation... even if you're going for pixalated graphics, you can still fix the chopiness of things

Still though... last animation i called it total crap... this one made me excited to see the next, and for that i applaud

ps. thank god it didn't take you two years to make this eh xP best of luck and don't drown


I watched all 12 of Reboot today and I love how the story was developed from 5 years ago. This series is amazing with all the plot twists and music and such. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next one!

im not sure

i wasnt sure if i would like it but you have a certain way to keep it intresting and in a weird way enterttaning this is my first reboot ill deff. check the rest out