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Reviews for "[2010] REBOOT 12"


The end is near! this story is amazing!


I already told you on your Profile but I love your work.

I'm just wondering If you could put a list of all the music you use?
I don't really have time to write down the songs in the credits.
It's a bit frustrating because the songs you use fits perfectly.
And I want to listen to them again :D

Maybe you could post an Article on Reboot facebook page?

Keep the good work :D!

awww man

i wanted more megaman action

Very good

at first i was like why the hell is pikachu in cageand who are those emos but then i caught on
good work!
great animation!

First Time

First time I've watched a reboot, and while being slightly confused and having a mneh about the graphics at the beginning, I loved it and now release the graphics complement everything....

I don't know how to explain, its awesome ^^

JMartin97 responds:

Happy you liked it :D