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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


Wonderful music, art direction, gameplay. I suggest the base melee weapon have a stronger attack rating.

i have 1 word for you<plus a sentence or two>

AWSUM<i agree with jsmagno, the character looks alot like ellis from l4d2........>


Is it just me or does the character look like Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2 ?

i agree with CBadBlood

this game is so cool and its like im playing sega genesis in the arcade mode and i would honestly buy this for my xbox. the game is well made the music match perfectly with the game the gameplay old but cool and the graphic is the best

and KELDONLORD (the guy below me) u can kill those guys with melee attacks its pretty easy in fact and u have to kill them because they have the key.

if ur trapped in this i cant imagine when u have to fight the mutants now those are hard only with the FLAMETHROWER U CAN KILL THEM the other weaponds work but its extremly HARD

and i dont know why everyone is saying this game looks like metal slug for me only the character in this game looks like a metal slug character o and the graphic just that

XanatosFlameheart is right if your view area was a little bigger it would be easier to shoot the zombies but like he said not sure if it was intentional

well thats all i have to say thanks for read my review cool game keep like that


How do you get past the goons with the body armor and chainsaws?