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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Like a cadillac

Yeah, the controls, and everything gives me this feeling.
The game was for cps1... it was awesome and so is yours


AWESOME ZOMBIE SHOOTER, DUDE! Control is actually quit easy once you get used to it. I beat da' game! :D

dogget76 responds:

Thanks Dude! really appreciate!:)

Controls Are really Glitchy

The Idea was good But I cannot Stand the controls glitching up on me.

Pretty good

The only downside I can see is the sheer frustration seeing an enemy the first time will give you. That and I can't find any tanks...

Awesome Retro-Zombie Goodness

Zombie Hardcore is a simple game that lives up to its name, as you play a single character with a limited range of powerful weapons trying to get through an infested city of zombies of different varieties. At first, the game will overwhelm you, so much you might get frustrated with it and put it down, but if you give it a chance, and actually try to strategize your killing, you'll find the game so fun, you keep playing it until you get the unlockable characters (the cop is the lousiest one in my opinion).