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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

loved it!!!!!!

I freakin love the soundtrack and the whole game and i hope you make another one thank you! XD

Unlockable Characters

You can use them playing again the game, so you could pick up a chainsaw on the road to play with Jason or a pistol with a badge on it to play with the cop.

Absolutely addicting

I can stop playing it over and over and the soundtrack is incredible. Can someone please message me on here or tell me how I play unlockable characters after it says I unlocked them. Thank You for creating this and please make a many sequels.

love it

i love the whole thing..play it over and over. and I finally unlocked the final character..and it's jason from friday the 13th...wish you coulda said that instead of jason friday..i thought it was an orifgianl chatacter..i liked him don't get me wrong..but a big problem with the chainsaw..when two or more enimies come at you..the chainsaw does nothing.

this game is the shit

this is one of the best retro zombie games I've ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!