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Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


This is one of my favorite flash games. It has great controls, and I just LOVE the graphics! It can be quite a challenge at times, and I haven't found any problems in-game. I also noticed some quake sounds(or so I think), so that brought back some good memories ;). This game reminds me of the old Resident Evil games too, and I have always been a big fan of Resident Evil. Also, I have a idea. Maybe if you make a sequel, you could make it to where melee weapons break. 10/10.

Oh wow! Superb!

Most amazing game I've seen on newgrounds so far! I love the 90s arcade game look. Superb work!


zombies+retro action= nerdgasm

great job.take suggestions?

it was great,trully a great tribute to retro arcade games like metal slug.you should make a nazi zombies game using the sprites from this and i think you would have the best game on newgrounds.but make it look like this.i love pixels.

i have 1 word for you<plus a sentence or two>

AWSUM<i agree with jsmagno, the character looks alot like ellis from l4d2........>