Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

16bit Baddass Ellis

Awesome. It felt like a retro L4d. I had to put it on easy though >.< I hope to see a sequel!


how do you get off the options screen? there isnt a button to send you back....

dogget76 responds:

click on the "X DONE" icon:)


Very fast past to me! I loved the game though good job!

i can see someone's a VALVe fan

it's a fun game, i enjoyed seeing all the refrences in it, the different types of zombies addes some variety to the game. some parts seemed too hard to be in an arcade game, like the in 2nd bathroom, always died in there, but i give it an 8/10, fun game but laggy on slow computers.

Nice game!

I really enjoyed this game but it has some problems with the controls. For some reason like when i'm walking and it sticks in the game to make me keep walking and i end up walking into a zombie but other wise its pretty fun