Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"

Not Bad At All

This is very reminiscent of Streets of Rage, but with Zombies. I did enjoy the game-play, but if your view area was a little bigger it would be easier to shoot the zombies. Not sure if that was intentional or not.


I would polish this up more and would you consider putting this on like Xbox live?

I would honestly buy this for my xbox, add a little more depth to it, an actual character select screen and you could honestly have a product people would wanna play on Xbox Arcade.

I enjoyed the game thought it had a lot of great things to note, I feel this was like playing metal slug and streets of rage mixed with zombies. It really was a great game man, and hopefully you would make this for xbox.

dogget76 responds:

I thought about a 'commercial' version of this game thousands of time, but it will need a heavy improvement in terms of balance and level design. Unfortunately I don't have a publisher, the time and a real coder to do that right now. Maybe one day......
Thanks anyway for your comments, I really appreciate:)


As soon as i begin playing i started jump to the right and couldnt stop O.o

Hey hey hey!

So I quit getting on newgrounds for a while and finally decide to see what's up on here, and realize hey my song is in a game. HELL YES! So you know, I check it out.

Gotta say I like the style, it's oldschool, has zombies, and a crowbar, what's not to love?


- Awesome retro feel. Graphics are amazing.
- Great game engine. Plays smoothly without feeling clunky, and no significant framerate drag

- Somewhat lack of gameplay depth. For example, all you do is find the key, and after that, you can just run to the end of the map.
- Katana is useless compared to crowbar.
- Unlocked characters aren't saved when you quit/refresh the browser.

- Easiest way to unlock Jason Friday is replay the first hallway over an over again, since it has easy access to weapons and health (including going back to the bathroom for the red health)
- To switch to unlocked characters, use the chainsaw at the start point (Jason), or the badge in the bathroom (Agent BOA).