Reviews for "Undead End Hardcore"


I laughed so hard when the chainsaw guys came in. They get stunned when you melee em so I just took out the crowbar and went Gordon Freeman on their asses! XD


I finished this game by dying several times ,
It's a nice game with smooth moves and great quality!

Fun game

Those guys in the sewers with the mask, night stick and shield scare the shit out of me though D:.

Like the old days!

Finally an actual HARD game. Like the good old days. My biggest gripes with todays gaming - be it console or flash - is that games aren't hard anymore. If you are skilled you can finish a game quickly and if you are an average gamer you can finish them a bit slower. Think about it, do you ever play a game you can't finish in the first playthrough? Nah.

I didn't finish this, like I didn't finish the first Prince of Persia the first time I played that. But - Like with Prince of Persia/Castlevania - I'll make like Arnold and be back!

Next front pager

This baby deserves to be on the front page! Smooth game play, and styling music. Though the storyline is a little void, what I understood was you are a character named Uncas and you stop by a road filled with dead bodies to investigate and encounter the undead. Everything else was perfect. Good game, keep it up