Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

fun game, but the changes made it too easy

Really good, love this game. Makes you fell like a mad scientist, been playing off and on for years. But for the game designer i would recommend to add multiplayer, I would love to test my rats with other players. more items and staff training and development so they get better at they job over time when you use them. Lab upgrading would be amazing. :) Hope your working on Mutate the labrat 3

Amazing game! I enjoyed it immensely. While I would have appreciated some cinematics, a notification when my miners died, and maybe a third tier of employees (Especially engineers, I wasted thousands on failed implant creations,) the gameplay was good, the map was rather expansive, and I feel that the locations were well paced. It was great watching the monster as it first was morph into a grand, hulking abomination of nature as I progressed. The arena battles were satisfying, and the bartering system was...good. It could still have had some improvements, but it was certainly decent. For a flash game that was made six and a half years ago, this is amazing work. I know that it's unlikely, but I would absolutely LOVE to see a continuation to this. Please man, keep doing work on your games. This was a masterpiece.

It sucks. Nice gameplay. But I got stuck when I played for a month and couldnt revive my labrat, sell anything, just was stuck.

great game but the failure chance are too high