Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

Cool, but...

It's so shit that if your rat dies it take away HALF of your levels. I was about 480 and when it died it became 240 and I though; "damnit, spent so much time crafting mutagens and shit wtf" that kinda is a problem


:/ all I have to say

kewl game

i want a pic of the maiden slave with no background and HQ, see this as useless if you want idc

Great but some improvements

I know this game is a long time to play but It is Awesome!
Some improvements needed are:
1. When Fusing rats that has high level and failed...
it EXTREMELY DOWNGRADES YOUR RAT!(that happened to me and i stopped playing)
2. Make other places a lot easier
3. Make More Good IMPLANTS and A Customization of Rat Feature

This is awesome!!

Best "Tamagochi" pet game I've ever played! What I like the most is the percentage of success in crafting, implanting and fusing. That keeps me in front of the monitor for hours. Also money is quite easy to earn, making this game the most relaxing yet exciting "pet-keeping" game EVER!