Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"


way better than last but i leave a crew doing a task AND THEY DISSAPEAR!!!!is this a glitch or is it supposed to increase the challenge?

No way Jose!

First game was interesting for juggling tasks and concentrating on the monster itself. This time it looks like you have to study the manuals for a day to achieve some progress. Its clear you put much work into this, but in my eyes this is was way too much stuff put into one sequel.

a few hints

at start, use all your 4 miners on teters mine and set on earth metals or bone. collect until your good to start selling. rocks are too cheap to sell.

certain 'mining' place needs different people.. miners wont always do the trick.

a way to mutate your rat for free is to use radiation. use it and keep it around 3. dont go over. it will cause toxins. if you overload your rat with it, it will cause toxins to rise very high and your creature's health go down fast.


It wasn't enough to improve a game, was it? You had to go and make it into some sort of FF style c&ckup. It had potential before but this has nothing that got me into the first game at all. I sure hope you're proud of yourself.

Lots of fun, but lots of space for improvement.

First of all - I love these kind of games. Number crunching, crafting, juggling tasks, I've always liked it. So this game hit the nail for me. However, there are a few points that I'd like to point out in hopes that you will read them and perhaps correct/better them in the next version.

- Perhaps I've missed it, but I've seen no relation between a "monster class" and the "monster level" except that a higher class means a higher level monster. Now when you go and 'hunt', you basically have to learn approximately what level of a monster you should be expecting. I think it would be easier to say that you can expect monsters levels 40-60 (for example), instead of a class.
- Crafting, as others have pointed out, is quite hardcore. While very interesting that you have added so many blueprints and components (again, I love that), the fact that some of the higher level things have some 10 per-cent chance of success is a bit ridiculous. Which brings me to my next, very important point - experience for your agents. I was truly expecting them to gain experience (and thus stats and consequently chance of success) after every successful craft/fusion/etc.
- The fact that agents die in mines is quite annoying and a nuisance. I'm not sure it's really necessary as replacing them simply means buying more and assigning them to the mines. The problem is you never get told that they have died. And, honestly, the low amount of agents you can have is quite enough of a handicap.
- How many times have I pulled my hair out when an enemy monster had gotten 3 or even four hits off before my monster would get its turn. What the hell happened? Did the enemy monster have so much more agility that it was so much faster? Did my monster fall asleep? Did I pump it too full of radiation it stood there with its brain dead? What I'm trying to say is - give us some information about what is happening on every combat turn.
- Inventory - it's nicely done and the graphics are very likeable. But... PLEASE, make it a little more user-friendly. Buying stacks of 15 is fine, since you simply hold control. But buying only, for example, 10 is complete madness. You have to click, hold, drag, release RIGHT on another icon (otherwise it doesn't seem to work) to buy the item and then repeat it nine more times. NOT fun. Please include some kind of a double-system. Click and drag means buy one. Click on the item only means a window should pop-up asking how many you want to buy/move.
- While I'm on this inventory note, let me go back to crafting a little bit. When I want to craft 20 mutapellets, I buy the ingredients (or get them from the mines) and then what? I have to click craft, then wait for the window to come down, click okay, then repeat the process 19 times. If there was no window, fine. I could click 20 times in quick succession. Ultimately, the craft button should pop-up a window asking you how many you want to make.
- Last, but not least, fusion of two monsters. It's all fine and good, but when you fail to fuse them, your monster loses a TON of levels. Seriously, that's a bit too hardcore, even for me. It needs to be really toned down or have the agents gain experience and be better at their work (see above).

I *think* that's about all of the complaints I have. Having more monster variety would be nice, but it's not that necessary, really. What I did miss the most, perhaps, was that my monster never really visually mutated. Implants, fine. But the actual process of mutation did nothing.

So, that's it. Great concept, very well executed, but the game needs a lot of polish. Don't give up on it, I'd love to play a more polished version!