Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"


i got used to it sorta, but i just didn't like it, i loved the fighting and stuff, and the "leveling" up but i just didn't like how there already monsters to start, i wanted them to become rats first, then mutate it that way you want it, like it could turn into anything, not just have it mutate into higher lvls and becoming the same thing but with just spikes and more attack and stuff, it's more like mutate the monster, or mutate the thing to me :-/

in vurs 1

feed ween it un helthy

It's okay,

I think the first one was better though.

this game is so hard but its good

this game is so hard but its good but its better and easier on http://www.arcadeprehacks.com/game/66 40/Mutate-the-Lab-Rat-2.html try it yourself

Excellent... until you upgrade the implants

Loved playing as an evil genius. Monster leveling had you concerned with injecting the appropriate mix of chemicals, and actually felt evil-scientist-ish.
Great fun managing the miners, and crafting chemicals but three problems.
1. Researchers do nothing. BioEngineers are better at engineering, and that appears to be the only thing that matters.
2. With the high rate of failure, crafting the higher level implants requires a budget of $400,000-600,000 each, which is more than the cost to upgrade the Rat to lvl 500.
3. I guess I can't complain about miner deaths, but it would be nice to be able to hire a Foreman who hired them automatically (maybe for 25% more)

This is definitely in the top 3 games I have ever seen on NG.
If only I could have an affordable cyborg... :)