Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

It Is very Intersting

This Game is Awesome "Awesome Rat"

fun but almost too complicated to have fun

it's kinda fun but some of the game is too complicated too complicated to enjoy like crafting so 7 out of 10 i eagerly anticipated mutate the labrat 2 and this was better than the first in some ways but not quite as fun anyway 7/10

very nice

loved this game. but it was a little complicated. still 8 out of 10

Can't play.

What is this 'Mochi Games' shit? How do I get rid of it? I've registered using a disposable email and it's still there, what do I do?

Enjoyable Time-waster

Quite an enjoyable game. A major expansion on the first.

One annoyance I had was that all the more advanced implants have a painfully low success rate of being crafted. In particular, the skills of my employees being completely static was annoying. If I were to suggest an improvement, perhaps make it possible for your employees to slowly improve their skills and level up, so we don't have to spend thousands of nan getting all the ingredients for an implant that might not be crafted succesfully, and we lose everything.