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Reviews for "Depict1"

DepictOne, Deception, Poetic End.
nicely done

I am not someone who thrives under taunting. I'm not someone who is defiant when people say "you can't". I'm that filthy casual that says, "Fine then!" and walks away. I had already tried Unloved and for me, a know-it-all narrator was not an asset.

Depict 1 is the first game to delight and demean me in the best ways. From the very beginning, the cleverness of the game is to listen first and disregard. It is the first to give me a foreboding adversary that I knew I could take on. It is the very few game that I kept at trying to beat on my own, and Xerus ought to know that he has done what no other author was able to do for me- welcome me to accept a challenge.

Thank you for the beauty and the careful writing. All the best!

This game is amazing! I really like the concept idea of a lying narrator.

The graphics and music were really fitting, the gameplay was unique and the levels weren't very frustrating but still managed to have a noticeable difficulty gap. I would go more in detail about this, but literally EVERYONE has covered these aspects already.

The final boss, long story short, is genius. On a gameplay standpoint, not only is the AI unique, the way to defeat him is too. It takes an aspect that hasn't been used that much except for being precise with your "wall jumps", and uses it to the extreme. Nula's got this interpretation covered, so I won't waste time on that.

One last thing. When the Final Boss dies, DECEPTION becomes DEPICTONE (The title of the game), and keeps shuffling until it gets to POETIC END. Just goes to show this game's genius.

I love it. The design of it is so aesthetic, the mechanics are amazing and the concept of ignoring the narrator is really something new. It's perfect...