Reviews for "Depict1"

Very interesting,original game,that I think actually explores human personality & nature

Years later and I just now realized there was going to be no second game.

By far, one of the best puzzle games i've ever played! I love the fact that the title is an anagram of deception, and that's exactly what the game is! 5 stars!

This is one of those games that test your mental sharpness. Fun puzzles, hidden secrets everywhere, and a great story. My time with iy was slightly enraging, but here's my review on Depict1
Graphics:5/5 I have never seen an artstyle like this. It was gloomy, much like the game itself
Gameplay:5/5 There wasn't really a core gameplay mechanic, except that everything is a lie, and that's why people like it so much!
Story: 5/5 There wasn't really a story or atleast a cutscene to tell us why he/ she is in here, and thats something more to the gloominess of this game
Level Design:5/5 This game takes level design, and throws it out the window. Its so trippy and fun at the same time. The det-ciet levels really mess with your mind, and the secret ending clone boss was a pretty great idea for a true ending to this game
Overalll, this is a great game, and if you just started this game and wanted to see what other people thought, play the game NOW! It's in one of the best game I have played! The score has been tallied, and this game gets my rating of... 20, 5 stars, 10/10, MLG PRO 360 out of 20, 5 stars, 10/10, MLG PRO 360. I hope this was helpful!

This is probably the best Flash game on the Internet. No, seriously, it's that good.
You have to basically ignore what the person on the top says, as "Depict One" is an anagram of "Deception", which means trickery. The only piece of music in this game is fitting, and resembles the sorrow of being tricked so many times (first timers). Eventually, peer pressure tries to overtake you, and you need to choose what to do after. This game is beauty in itself.

*SPOILER* for those who want the 11% ending: The guy talking to you is your evil alter-ego, so you have to defeat him to win. In the last level, Deception, wait 30 seconds until the light beam fades, then proceed right. Get the 2 spikes and when the walls turn black save for one orange tile, throw a spike on the higher part of the tile. When you face against him, jump into the gem pit, but throw a spike in mid-air. If done right, your evil alter-ego will fall into the pit and by holding left, you land on safe ground.