Reviews for "Depict1"

Reminds me...

Of the Sword of Truth, 1st book, Wizard's Saying, or some title like that. Anyway, quote from the book: "People are stupid". The wizard reasons this claim by explaining that you can never ever be 100% truly and absolutely sure that anything people tell you is true, independently of you and anyone else. This game illustrates that saying rather well, with a good philosophical concept on mankind and its dark sides.
Good game, good concept, good music. Classical music is stimulating, ya know.


despite the moan i'm about to have, let me just say that this was a very well realised game, the graphics and plot making for an experience that manages to pull off the ideals of "games-as-art" without becoming too convoluted or without the creator slipping on ice and cracking their skull open on a pavement made out of pure pretensiousness.

of course, getting through this experience is made harder by one thing and one thing only.

the jump button, and the unresponsiveness of it. i, on almost every level, would find myself having to restart said level over and over because instead of leaping over an enemy, my character decided to run head first into it, which i had turned into a fun little game of my own whereby the character was actually a suicide bomber and every time i ran towards anything that wasn't a wall i would scream "ALLAH AKBAR!" at the monitor in case the jump button was in a bad mood and decided that i had done enough to earn my 72 virgins and transformed that little pink sprite character into five or six exploding circle sprites.

But this is my real concern...
If people can put the effort into coding, animating, and scoring a game from scratch, then why can't they take five minutes to play the damned thing or at least ask someone else to, just to iron out the smallest of flaws that make the biggest of impacts in a game? or maybe they did and they just didn't think it was that much of a hindrance, which would automatically send my cynicism gland into overdrive.
it happened with gunbot by bezerk studios, and it's happened with this i.e. a game that has the potential to be an absolute goliath, only to be felled by the david of dodgy controls.

like i said, the game's fantastic, or at least it would be if the little pink person you were playing didn't have as much of a say in how often it had to obey when i say jump.

maybe next time i play i'll bring revolvers and aim them at its feet instead.

Don't believe this review.

This is truly amazing and tells a great truth about humans. Keep up the good work. This inspires me to make a story about depiction. Thanks.


Super fun this is a must play Game!

You can'Trust me

Man I recently played this and loved it, so glad to see it on Newgrounds.