Reviews for "Depict1"

the ending...

Great game, addicting gameplay, excellent story line... but the good ending could have been more... rewarding. After the antagonist's monologue and his catastrophic explosion, and the all-white room, i was expecting an ending other than "you're free. game over." :p made me think the time it took me to finish it wasn't worth squat. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from playing it 3-4 times again :D
oh, and i gotta say, the music is incredible (that piano mad me cry). 15/10 :D

I completed it twice and...

... it said ending 1 both times, try fixing gay bugs like this as it is annoying completing it twice to see the same (no ending)

pretty easy

but stylish... ease of play garners a 6 but the fact that it was rather original and stylish saves two additional points.


excellent game

Reminds me...

Of the Sword of Truth, 1st book, Wizard's Saying, or some title like that. Anyway, quote from the book: "People are stupid". The wizard reasons this claim by explaining that you can never ever be 100% truly and absolutely sure that anything people tell you is true, independently of you and anyone else. This game illustrates that saying rather well, with a good philosophical concept on mankind and its dark sides.
Good game, good concept, good music. Classical music is stimulating, ya know.