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Reviews for "Depict1"

Well, this is pretty good! It's not perfect, but it's sure enjoyable.

The graphics are nice, retro, cute, and slightly psychedelic. The game's environment is slightly crazy and surreal, suggesting that this may all be happening inside the character's mind. The music is excellent as well, providing the game with a slightly sorrowful tone, which matches its story.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward and simple, but satisfying. It's basically a standard platformer where you move around, jump and shoot, except with a few twists. First of all, the "tutorial" levels, so to say, all lie to the player, which is a pretty interesting way to kick off the gameplay. The person talking to the player constantly lies except in a single instance. Some stages attempt to fool the player into believing there's no exit, just so the player discovers yet another secret mechanic that allows them to follow on, and that's a pretty cool way to keep things going, in my opinion. Another cool twist this game has is that there are certain things that defy the player's "video game instincts": the glowing green crystals are actually traps, the spikes that are seen all around the floor are ammunition, shooting is only good for creating platforms and enemies are invulnerable to any damage. You can shoot projectiles to create platforms to hop through platforms that are too high to jump over, and that mechanic is used a lot in later stages. There are a few stages where the platforms shown to the player are not the actual platforms the stage contains, and that's another cool way to deceive the player.

It's like the developers of the game though of every way they could deceive the player and put it in at least one stage. That's the charm of the game, and what makes it so interesting.

Overall, though, I think the stages were way too easy and short. They were fun to traverse because they often involved discovering new secrets and reading bizarre dialogs from the mysterious liar, but still, the lack of challenge made them feel rather pointless at times.

The final level contains a dialog with the "voice" in human form. Turns out the "voice" is supposedly a part of the main character, or so it claims. It might be an imaginary friend that doesn't want the player to leave their weird dream, or it might also be a split personality that tried to make the player do wrong things... the story of the game is pretty open to interpreteations, and that's really cool. The thing I had to do in order to beat the final level is so weird I'm not sure it was the intended way to beat it, but I won't spoil it.

The only glitch I found in the game is that those bullet platforms make the character glitch like crazy, sometimes making it fail to jump. That annoyed me a lot, but thankfully, I didn't have to encounter that glitch so often.

Cute graphics, nice music, story that's up for interpretation, gameplay that's sorta cool, but too easy, and lenght that's a bit on the sort side. I think this game gets a... 4 from me.

Very interesting,original game,that I think actually explores human personality & nature

Years later and I just now realized there was going to be no second game.

By far, one of the best puzzle games i've ever played! I love the fact that the title is an anagram of deception, and that's exactly what the game is! 5 stars!

This is one of those games that test your mental sharpness. Fun puzzles, hidden secrets everywhere, and a great story. My time with iy was slightly enraging, but here's my review on Depict1
Graphics:5/5 I have never seen an artstyle like this. It was gloomy, much like the game itself
Gameplay:5/5 There wasn't really a core gameplay mechanic, except that everything is a lie, and that's why people like it so much!
Story: 5/5 There wasn't really a story or atleast a cutscene to tell us why he/ she is in here, and thats something more to the gloominess of this game
Level Design:5/5 This game takes level design, and throws it out the window. Its so trippy and fun at the same time. The det-ciet levels really mess with your mind, and the secret ending clone boss was a pretty great idea for a true ending to this game
Overalll, this is a great game, and if you just started this game and wanted to see what other people thought, play the game NOW! It's in one of the best game I have played! The score has been tallied, and this game gets my rating of... 20, 5 stars, 10/10, MLG PRO 360 out of 20, 5 stars, 10/10, MLG PRO 360. I hope this was helpful!