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Reviews for "Depict1"


i got all the badges woo


I love the idea of not listening to what's basically the tutorial, and figuring out the controls from the lie. Plus, it had platforming that was fun, while not being difficult enough to stress out over.

As for the "free" ending-you're given 2 spikes. And the moment you use a spike, you stop moving *hint hint*.


Make more of these games

to axeldaman

really? space isn't jump. it's the suicide button. he lied to you. that's the point of the game. jump is a different button and you ignored every possible sign that indicated the game is about being lied to and ignoring advice to work on your own. don't follow everything everyone says. and you gave it a 4 out of 10. then again if even if you learned how to jump you probably would've rage quite at the first ending. or all of the game. try doing what humans should be capable of and trying various different things rather than being a pet and doing what you're told.

when is the part 2 goin out?