Reviews for "Depict1"

This game is amazing! I really like the concept idea of a lying narrator.

Really neat! However the 'Immortal' achievement isn't working properly. I messed it up the first time, but I don't know if that's supposed to be permanent.

The graphics and music were really fitting, the gameplay was unique and the levels weren't very frustrating but still managed to have a noticeable difficulty gap. I would go more in detail about this, but literally EVERYONE has covered these aspects already.

The final boss, long story short, is genius. On a gameplay standpoint, not only is the AI unique, the way to defeat him is too. It takes an aspect that hasn't been used that much except for being precise with your "wall jumps", and uses it to the extreme. Nula's got this interpretation covered, so I won't waste time on that.

One last thing. When the Final Boss dies, DECEPTION becomes DEPICTONE (The title of the game), and keeps shuffling until it gets to POETIC END. Just goes to show this game's genius.

I love it. The design of it is so aesthetic, the mechanics are amazing and the concept of ignoring the narrator is really something new. It's perfect...

This is a really good, entertaining game that messes with your expectations at every turn.
Personal interpretation of the story is that "the cage" is a metaphor for some kind of psychological problem (depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.) that the protagonist is suffering from and is "trapped" by. The narrator represents the part of the protagonist that keeps lying to themself, telling themself that this is the only option they have, that there's no way to escape and they'll only get hurt if they try to change anything, all the while only hurting themself even more. Meanwhile the character we play as represents the part of the protagonist that wants to get better and move on with their life. The bad ending is where the main character is overcome by their problem and never recovers, while the good ending is where the main character defeats their inner demons and takes back control of their life.