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Reviews for "Depict1"

It stops loading at 0.1%

A very clever game. :D

This game is awesome.

The graphics are nice, the gaming mechanics are interesting, and the fact that the narrator lies to you throughout 99.9 percent of the entire game makes it have a sort of "reverse" simon says effect, or something.

After a while it gets really easy, but it is still fantastic!

I am FREE!

YAY! Just beat the whole game. Got both the good and bad endings. I really love this game. I played it a million years ago, and when I saw that there were achievements, I just had to try and get them all.
Some stages had holes in them, and it was kind of laggy, but I love the story. (Although it was kind of confusing at times.) The premise was amazing, and it was a great idea to have each level build off of the previous ones.

Pretty awesome, thanks! (However due to some glitches, I'm giving it 4 1/2 stars. Still love it, almost perfect. ovo)