Reviews for "Depict1"

excellent! I really liked it

Fantastic game.
The final level is tricky and the boss is great.
I really like this game!

4.5 stars.
Good job!

an excellent game. i actually liked it.

I reviewed this a long time ago and gave it 4 stars because my computer was so terrible that it couldn't run it without lag. That just isn't right. This is definitively the best game on NewGrounds, and by far one of the best flash games. Whenever I play a flash game, I subconsciously compare it to this. Any game that has a remote similarity is bound to wind up great. Let's make up for that "Weekly 3rd Place" by giving this game "Historically 1st Place".

I loved this game so much! I'd never experienced anything like it before. I love the way the narrator gave that gloomy vibe! I also loved the music. The way the game was styled seemed quite fitting for the setting as well. Just one question... If I restart the game do I have another shot at receiving the "fake ending"? Anyway, anyone wandering if they should play it or not you should definitely go for it! This is one of those diamond-in-the-rough games. it's so different from others!