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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

Nice one =D

very awesome :D


So awesome!

XXBlinx responds:

i am glad you enjoy this collab (your comment isn't biased at all :P)

Very Decent

Well the reason i didn,t give this collab a 10 is because, while holding my interest and entertaining me, it lacked some effort. I enjoyed most of the scenes and will certainly watch this again.

XXBlinx responds:

how did it lack effort????


Overall I would say this was a good submittion. I personally thought the actual content could have been a little more interesting, but it is none the less very origanal content wise and very well made. kudos.

P.S. Yes, Heavy Metal will beat Emo Rock every day.
[throws up fist horns]

Very nice!

It seems you got yourself an excellent team to pull this off!
Well Done =D

Some of the animations were smooth with little to no lag and were very much like the original madness toons, you guys got some real talent!

There was only a few minor cons, such as OneEgg's part... The collab is very good overall, but that part literally made me cringe...try to end a collab with something big (MissingUsername had some neat parts, perhaps you could've ended with one of his?)

The credits and intro looked kinda lazy too...sorry

I liked this collab overall and you get a 4/5 and 8/10 for whipping up something above decent!

Well Done To ALL OF YOU!


PS - You should've waited till Madness Day :P

XXBlinx responds:

Thanks for all of your advice but I didn't submit this to madness day 2010 because I wanted an award