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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

fun to watch

really great job
tons of very creative ideas
and very organized
well done

well at first i had no idea what whas going on

then i thought, meh i dont really care, some of theese were almost identical to how krinkels animates madness, it felt like a good project with a lot of effort put in

XXBlinx responds:

Good that's how everyone on NG show think

great collaboration

If you were looking for a large plot of revenge for one faceless madman to be killing many in unbeatable odds. I am sorry to say you have gone the wrong path. This movie has like twenty of those packed into like five minutes.

XXBlinx responds:


Very Decent

Well the reason i didn,t give this collab a 10 is because, while holding my interest and entertaining me, it lacked some effort. I enjoyed most of the scenes and will certainly watch this again.

XXBlinx responds:

how did it lack effort????

Pretty darn epic,

That was a awesome collab.
10/10 for humor.
8/10 for animation.

Total score: 9/10

XXBlinx responds:

woop woop