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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

u guy r amazing

the intro is gay

XXBlinx responds:

i am happy you reviewed this 10 but there wasn't an intro so how can it be gay?

Its pretty good, glad to see new users and such.

I was impressed with you blinxx you've gotten A Lot better, and I am stressing this, Improvements = yes. Saw so old and new faces so and enjoyed all parts. Looking foward to all your parts in MD10 if any make it that far.
(Dayum it rhyme'd)

XXBlinx responds:

well yes I have improved at madness a lot since I started animating madness which is a 1 year ago on madness day 2010



XXBlinx responds:

WTF you have a strange sense of humour but I am happy you reviewed it 10

Very Good

Well it was very good indeed most of the parts were good and i cant say which arent but good as a collab after all i hope my collab will be like it :D

XXBlinx responds:

I'm glad you like it :D And I hope collab does as good

KingJamesWright is an alternate account.

Congratulations. You reviewed your own movie because you can't take criticism.

Yeah well, whatever, continue to drown yourself in your vast ocean of ego, this collab is horrible, and just as unoriginal as any other collab I've seen. The fact that you reviewed it with your own account is just hilariously pathetic. It's so obvious that its your account.
Who would honestly sign up on NG, review this movie, and then continue to do absolutely nothing in the same day?
It's so obvious.

You're pathetic, you can't take criticism, and you'll continue to make horrible fucking collabs until you literally drown in your own ego.

Try doing something original. And I mean ACTUALLY original. Not what you "think" is original.

Oh and good job calling my brother gay, you sure can take criticism can't you?

XXBlinx responds:

actually thats not me I asked my friend to review it from school

and your gay too