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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

My opinion...

I loved how the team worked for doing parts of this videos, seriously I think everyone of you deserve a gold medals. Good job team! ^_^
I hope I will create other collab like this with you team! :D
**Sorry for bad english**

XXBlinx responds:

you said everyone deserves a gold medal but at least we got a silver medal which is daily 4th!! Anyway a gold medal would be daily 1st and that is very hard to get

heavenly viewing

whoa! Thsi was made me feel extatic :D This was bran new and original I can't belive some so great gets many stupid reviews saying "It wasn't Diverse2 but these people are so wrong! This was so different from all the other madness collabs, it had slick and never seen before characters, parts that were not just killing but entertainment and it had many hilarious parts like Sundown345's and ErnestoGod's.

My top 2 favourite parts were xcooldude30x's part and MissingUsernames secong part. I loved cooldude's part because it wasvery gory, the vcam was zoom in and very cool. And MissingUsername's part was very smooth and Diverse. I liked it how all the characters were different in missingusernames part and quite random but still made me chuckle :D

So I have to say that this collab is the best on the magical site Newgrounds. And that many people have said that they don't like this but they must have something seriously wrong with them. I don't know any one can rate thing under 7 stars quite honestly. I don't know if I would watch this again since I know when the jokes are coming and the twists but watching this has given me something amazing to think about for the next few days and this has definetly brighten up my day

Good Luck with Madness Diverse 2, you should definetly do and how cares is some sad old people don't like it like LittleLuckyLink, Dast and Tyrone

So Long :)

XXBlinx responds:

this is the kind of comment I like :D

Stop it.

Admit it. This collab is a complete lie. Quit trying to convince everyone, including yourself, that this is original in any slight way at all.

I agree completely to what was said before me. Except I'd like to give a reply to your response to Delta's review. First of all, it doesn't matter that they're not any of the main characters of madness, you all still used the fucking same exact enemies. It's normal for the main character to be their own, and it's also normal for the main characters to be completely boring fucks who either have loads of shitty bandaids or useless attachments that have absolutely no purpose at all.

They're also either traced or just overall poorly drawn. The use of different characters is not original at all, as the characters themselves aren't original, they're exactly what we've seen before.

The only somewhat original characters that are completely unique in whatever way were Ernestogod's. But the rest are either poorly drawn clones, recolored sprites, or superficial characters with absolutely no depth in any way.

XXBlinx responds:

but your gay

All of you were okay.

Pretty much average animation, and could use some practice.

But Zunder, holy crap. Your part was mesmorizing, I absolutely loved it, you should make a tribute.


No, they aren't diverse. Look, I'll give you the fact that not every part was just going into a room and slaughtering a million of brain dead guards, but nothing is very diverse beyond that.

Basically, everything has been done before.

Madness Termination, by Jonbro, has done the egg thing before, as an example.

Guards falling down the cliff is something that has been done since the release of madness 7, such as parodies as of what happened between 6 and 7.

PimpinJ's Wraith, although not done, has pulled off the idea of a ninja, or invisibility and deception.

Zunder's animations were the best, in terms of animation, but it was the run of the mill slaughter.

Fireexit's, isn't diverse, nor sundown, just because you can add colors and to an extent, your own sprites, doesn't diverse anything but the art style, and only slightly. Both of their parts still had the run of the mill killing yet again.

Just because you can make the killing happen in a different way, doesn't make it diverse. Making it diverse would be completely rewiring how madness is made.

Good example, Littleluckylink's "of the madness" series. The fact that he can introduce a plot, and characters with emotions and sincerity between one another, and present this cinematically with less intent on the mindless violence, puts him at a higher level beyond most madness animators.

Redness series, by Alpha-Nuva, focuses HEAVILY on story and cinematics, it adds the idea of more serious voice acting, the characters and their backstories, and only uses killing solely as part of the idea of it being inspired by mob and mafia activity.

Lollyland, by DJTrickyM, is how you diverse something, how you tried in this collab. It's got it's own weird art style to it, with the fighting and killing focusing less on mass brutality, but on a series of "bosses" you could say, which are taken down through improvised means, with limited weaponry, and with the enemies actually FIGHTING BACK. Yes, fighting, as in actually doing harm to the protagonist, and actively engaging him, not firing a gun and missing completely, or just surrendering and getting killed easily. Lollyland shines in it's creativity contorted into the original core essence of madness animations.

In short, Madness may be called madness, but it sure as hell deserves so much more than how everyone animates it. You need to bring something completely new to the table, and take the necessary time to do it just right.

Try hard enough, and you can truly make something diverse, even within the limitations of madness.

XXBlinx responds:

okay it wasn't completely diverse but in this collab nobody used the same old madness characters like tricky, jebus and hank. So this was different from all the other collabs