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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

good as a collab

i like to see how different people get along with the madness animation style. most were pretty impressive, though there were a few i picked out....

xxblinx, the organizer, had several contributions, all very good ones but some of them were just a small bit sloppy (i assume the number of animations ate up a bit of the quality) still, that's alright, im glad he got so many ideas in there.

also i call out XRoadkillX, not just because he pwns u liek a 1st-class n00b but because his animation of the random falling people was the only only that actually made me laugh out loud. the other contributions were like.... laugh quietly to myself. not that they were bad, this collab doesnt actually have anything BAD in it, just this was the funniest to me.

XXBlinx responds:

So you liked me and xroadkillx's parts the most, that's good to hear. I can tell that you were saying my second part was "a small bit sloppy". Well all I can say is that I wanted to make that part funny but random e.g the guys head turning into a hot air baloon



XXBlinx responds:

thanks man :D

I know I shouldn't be laughing.

I hope this gets all the poison out of your system and you don't do this in real life. Kudos on offing the Mime.

XXBlinx responds:



Pretty cool collab, but personally, i didnt like one of the parts...still good, though

XXBlinx responds:

which part did you not like?


The collab had great parts, great music and great animators. But I give it an 8/10 because that MissingUsername guy sucks. His last part went WAY too fast.

XXBlinx responds:

Looks like your not a fan of MissingUsername :P